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show dialplan number —This command is used to show which dial peer is reached when a particular telephone number is dialed.
maui-voip-austin#show dialplan number 5000

debug vtspsession —This command displays information on how each network indication and application request is processed, signaling indications, and DSP control messages.
show call active voice - command allowsyou to display the contents of the active call table. The information presented includes call times, dial peers, connections, quality of service parameters, and gateway handling of jitter. Thisinformation can be useful when you troubleshoot a range of voice quality problems.
The show call active voice command displays data from the plain old telephone service (POTS) and VoIP call legs on thevoice gateway.
There are many arguments options to this command. This list describes some of the more useful arguments:
* brief—(Optional) Displays a truncated version.
* compact—(Optional)Displays active calls that are longer or shorter than a specified time.
* duration—(Optional) Displays active calls that are longer or shorter than a specified time.

debug vtsp dsp legacy anddebug hpi - The combination of detail and debug hpi notification can be used to see the incoming digits.
Router# debug vtsp dsp
Voice telephony call control dsp debugging is onRouter#
*Mar 1 01:05:18.539:
//12/A76D98838014/VTSP:(1/0:23):22:14:2/vtsp_dsp_echo_canceller_control: echo_cancel: 1
Table 281 describes the significant fields shown inthe display.
Table 281 debug vtsp dsp Field Descriptions  |
Field | Descriptions |
//12 | CallEntry ID. |
/A76D98838014 | GUID. |
1/0:23 | Controller 1/0, D channel. |
:22 |B-channel number. This can also be found using the show voice call summary command. |
:14 | DSP number. This can also be found using the show voice dsp command. |
:2 | Channel number on the...
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