Trangenic animals & their benefits

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Genetic modification of animals is a process designed to favor certain characteristics, such as size, growth, specificcharacteristics of milk (among
others), making possible for humans to acquire biotechnological benefits.
This work involves genetic engineering methods, making possible a consequent evaluation of the resultsand benefits to society.
According to the results, it can be stated that this is a cost-effective method that helps solving problems such as the availability of organs for
transplantation,pharmaceutical production and acquisition of insulin (hormones or proteins) through the milk. Nevertheless, it created a big
controversy regarding biosafety issues, because there are risks of transmission ofpathogens, also associating to bioethical problems.
Keywords: genetic engineering; microinjection; organism; living beings; transplantation; zygote; embryo; transgene; gene transference.Introduction


The ability to manipulate the genetic material of living beings, and
transfer it from one species to another with economic and medicinal
purposes, is the pillar of modernbiotechnology industry.
A transgenic animal is a genetically modified organism. This type of
organisms (GMOs or transgenics), is characterized by having a fraction
of the DNA of another organism, integratedinto its own DNA. In other
words, the GMO has a new piece of DNA, which distinguishes it from
the original. The new part of the DNA usually contains one or more
genes that have been modified to beable to express themselves in
the new body. As a result, the transgenic animal presents a new
function or malfunction, according to men’s desires (or needs).

With these methods scientists canproduce transgenic animals that
possess several benefits for the human being, for example:
• Goats that give milk with a protein of the cobweb (which is used to
create bullet-proof coats or making...
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