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1- Identify a group of words and its meanings.
Infer meaning of a word using the context Book page 150.

Source: “Real Life” book, intermediate. Publisher Longman.

Using referents Book page 149.

The scientific study of memory began in the early 1870s when a German philosopher, Hermann Ebbinghaus, came up with the revolutionary idea that memory could be studied experimentally. In doingso he broke away from a 2000-year-old tradition that firmly assigned the study of memory to the philosopher rather than to the scientist. He argued that the philosophers had come up with a wide range of possible interpretations of memory but had produced no way of deciding which amongst these theories offered the best explanation of memory. He aimed to collect objective experimental evidence of theway in which memory worked in the hope that this would allow him to choose between the various theories.


2- Recognise the communicative function of a text (to persuade, to invite, to warn, to inform, to discuss, to describe...)

The communicative function of this text is to inform.
Sorce: “RealLife” book, intermediate. Publisher Longman.

3- Summarize the main information in a text. Book page 154

What is the greenhouse effect? |
There are two meanings of the term "greenhouse effect". There is a "natural" greenhouse effect that keeps the Earth's climate warm and habitable. There is also the "man-made" greenhouse effect, which is the enhancement of Earth's natural greenhouse effect by the addition of greenhouse gasesfrom the burning of fossil fuels (mainly petroleum, coal, and natural gas). 

In order to understand how the greenhouse effect operates, we need to first understand "infrared radiation". Greenhouse gases trap some of the infrared radiation that escapes from the Earth, making the Earth warmer that it would otherwise be. You can think of greenhouse gases as sort of a "blanket" for infraredradiation-- it keeps the lower layers of the atmosphere warmer, and the upper layers colder, than if the greenhouse gases were not there. 

About 80-90% of the Earth's natural greenhouse effect is due to water vapor, a strong greenhouse gas. The remainder is due to carbon dioxide, methane, and a few other minor gases. 

It is the carbon dioxide concentration that is increasing, due to the burning offossil fuels (as well as from some rainforest burning). This is the man-made portion of the greenhouse effect, and it is believed by many scientists to be responsible for the global warming of the last 150 years. 

Also, the concentration of methane, although small, has also increased in recent decades. The reasons for this increase, though, are uncertain. Source: Identify opinions and thinking of the author.7 Reasons to Love 'Rock of Ages'April 22 2009, 6:42 AM ET
by Ellen CarpenterRock of Ages - the arena-rock jukebox musical that mixes songs by the likes of Bon Jovi, Foreigner, and Journey with a story about "dreaming big, playing loud and partying on" - just opened on Broadway. Even though I had heard good things, Iwas skeptical that it was going to be a total cheesefest peppered with jokes about Aqua Net and Bartles & James.Turns out that's exactly what it is. Which is to say, awesome!Here are seven reasons why it's a must see:7. The follow your dreams/true love conquers all plotline is as thin as a Whitesnake groupie's g-string -- and it works. Set in the '80s in L.A. ("If a fella had a dream and adecent amount of hair, there was nowhere else to be"), it follows Drew (American Idol's Constantine Maroulis), a wannabe rocker working at a club on the Sunset Strip that's set to be demolished to make way for a Footlocker. His love interest Sherrie, a small town girl (living in a lonely world, if you know what I mean) and struggling actress, breaks his heart when she has a one-night stand...
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