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February 23Welcome to TibiaWiki,
the free repository of information about the free massive multiplayer online role playing game Tibia.
There are currently 11,102 articles.
This Month's Event

This month, February, there are 3 events: Valentine's Day, Masquerade Day and A Piece of Cake. Don't wait anylonger and buy your significant other or secret love something from Valentina. Unfortunately Valentine's Day already took place. Don't worry, you'll get your chance next year. In addition, Stan will provide you with all the costumes you need and what's even better, every day is a Masquerade Day this month.
On February 21 the A Piece of Cake event will begin. The A Piece of Cake event alreadystarted 2 days ago and might still be running.

News From the TibiaWiki Staff

Update 9.8 has been released. See the update page for what's new.
The daily location of Rashid has been added to the sidebar on the main page.
Changes have been made to the styles of infoboxes. Please contact an administrator if you experience any issues.
Head to TibiaWiki:Projects to see what we're currentlyworking on.
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This Week's Featured Poll
Which free account hometown is your favorite?

I don't like any free account town

The poll was created at 20:40 on February 14, 2013, and so far 980 people voted.

Previous polls • Discuss this poll
This Week's Featured NPC
Harlow (Ship Captain)
Location:Yalahar: in the Trade Quarter docks (straight south from the main gate) here, Vengoth here.
Notes: If you have at least started mission 4 (The Dark Lands) of the Blood Brothers Quest, Harlow will transport you to Vengoth for 100 gp and back to Yalahar for 50 gp. His name is clearly one of Tibia's Allusions. His name resembles Marlow, a ship captain and the main narrator of Joseph Conrad's Heart ofDarkness.
Featured NPCs
This Week's Featured Item
Honey Flower (Plants and Herbs)
Weight: 10.00 oz.
Dropped By: None.
Notes: Can be found in various places in Tibia but is rare on Rookgaard. Weaker monsters do not walk on it, so it can therefore be used to block or trap them.
Looks the same as a Honeyflower Patch.
Featured Items
This Week's Featured Creature
(80Hit Points, 30 Experience)
Location: Jakundaf Desert, Darama, Arena Quarter, Venore Amazon Camp.
Abilities: Melee (0-40)
Immune to: None.
Strong against: Holy (-20%), Earth (-20%)
Weak against: Death (+8%), Ice (+15%)
Field Notes: They are similar to Bears but stronger.
Featured Creatures
Tip of the Month
Bring food!
Always carry food in your backpack no matter what you're doing. Thisway you'll be able to regenerate health and mana passively, allowing you to heal up if you've taken damage and use spells, or passively work on your magic level.
There are some foods that are more suitable to be carried around like this. The most common are:

Ham is arguably the best for manasitting. It gives you 360 seconds of regeneration (30%). It's the most cost-efficient if you buy from thestore, and is also very easy to obtain by hunting.
Dragon Ham is quite easy to obtain as many players leave them in spawns or dragon corpses. Not a very good food source for manasitting because it gives 720 regeneration seconds (60%) meaning you will be about half full and must remember to eat again soon (compare with ham - 90% for eating 3 on an empty belly).
Brown Mushrooms are the best food...