The beatles

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In the year of 1968 there was happening a strog repression against the people by ditator presidents in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. Asprotest and resistion to fight with the soldiers armed with guns, young students, singers and artists had resisted, armed with their courage and inteligence making music.
In the whole worldmusic had been desempenhando a extremelly important social role. It was a way to show the ditators that they wouldn’t give up, that they knew that we would be free someday if they fight, and that theybelieved that a song, a form of art was and is stronger that any weapon.

What generate the desire to protest?
The dictatorship was strongly repressing all kinds of freedom that the peoplehad, in Brazil the singers Caetano Veloso e Gilberto Gil created an slogan “It is forbidden to forbid”, and both Caetano and Gil were exiled later because of their songs, and because they were alsoleaders of the “Tropicália” a Brazilian movement against the dictatorship.
In France the government closed the Nanterre University, and that was the fuse for the students, who occupied theUniversity and started the movements protesting against the bad working conditions and salaries. The French revolt inspired movies and songs from The Beatles and Rolling Stones.
There were alsohappening repression and revolts in Czechoslovakia and Mexico, called “Prague Spring”. In the USA, the youths were protesting against the horror in the Vietnam War. The death of the activist MartinLuther King spawned riots in black communities, and it took to the people to the streets, protesting. In all these movements the music was used as an instrument of protest because they believed it wasthe thing that could agglutinate a large number of people around their common revolutionary ideals.

The music as an instrument of protest
Although the ideological concern existed in music...