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Magic Suitcase Hardware Assembly Instructions
Upon completing these instructions, the magic suitcase will be assembled for presenting and demoing Modular’s products.

1. Mac Mini Computersand Router
Assemble the router by fastening the 3 router antennas to the router. Plug in power cords for all three devices.

2. Network Connectors & Alignment
Vertically align from frontto back the router, VMHost-RM, and SQLServer-RM. Connect each mini to the router using one of the provided 8 inch CAT 5 Ethernet cables. Mac Minis may be plugged into any port (1-4) in the router.3. HDMI to VGA connector & VGA cable
Plug the Hewlett Packard (hp) HDMI to VGA adapter into the HDMI port of the VMHost-RM. Connect the mine’s projector/screen to the ‘HDMI to VGA’adapter using a VGA cable. The magic suitcase hardware kit includes a 6 foot VGA cable. VMHost-RM is the main server and the only computer required to interact with and connect the project to.4. Tripod assembly
Find the RAM mount dual socket arm in the inside pocket of the RAM tripod bag.

Extend the tripod’s legs. Align the dual socket arm vertically on the tripod’s ballmount.

5. Secure PTXB
Place the PTXB’s ball mount into the arm’s socket, and fasten the PTXB with the arm remaining vertical.

6. Attach PTXB Harness
Align the keys withinthe harness connector with the slots of the PTXB connector socket. Push the harness connector into the PTXB connector. Twist the harness connector collar clockwise until the collar clicks and nolonger turns (typically no more than ⅓ of a turn).

7. Bullet Assembly
Fasten the Bullet antenna to the Bullet.

NOTE: It is imperative that the Bullet has its antennafastened before applying power. The Bullet is a 1 watt 802.11 amplifier. Without the resistance of the antenna, the antenna receptor within the Bullet will burn out. The Bullet may not visually...
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