Suggested solutions to e-car rental system

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Suggested solutions to E-Car Rental System
May 7, 2009
See the website for a description of the problem. Note that these diagrams
are suggested solutions. There are may valid ways to model mostproblems.
Marks will be given for a reasonable model provided that the UML diagrams
are correct.
Fig1 shows a use case model for the e-car rental system. Note the use of the
> and > relationships inthe use case diagram.
There is a general use case called Return a Vehicle. When the vehicle is returned
by the user the functionality provided by the billing use case is included is also
executed.Note that a customer may return a vehicle earlier or later than
agreed. The use case diagram shows that in the event of an Early Return or
a Late Return, the basic Return a Vehicle use case isinvoked. However its
functionality is extended to allow a fine to be charged or perhaps a discount to
be applied on early return.
A sequence diagram is shown in Fig.2. This sequence diagram matches thereserve a Vehicle Use Case specified in the LabWork handout(available on the
course website).
A class diagram for the E-Car Rental system is shown in Fig.3. Note the
reserves association betweenthe Customer and Vehicle classes, i.e a Customer
reserves a Vehicle. This is an important or interesting relationship and we can
model this relationship using an association class. This associationclass is the
Reservation class which, as shown in Fig.3 contains zero or more insurance or
protection plan products. Note the dashed line between the Reservation class
and the reserves associationconnecting the Customer and Vehicle classes.
the dashed line indicates that the Reservation class provides the functionality
required when a customer makes a vehicle reservation.


Reserve avehicle

Cancel a reservation


Pick up a vehicle



Add new car

View car catalogue

Remove car
Return a vehicle

Early return

View rental...
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