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Process, Power & Marine

SmartPlant Materials Handling

Intergraph Australia 2008 15-19 September 2008

Global Outlook - Commodities
Iron Ore Aluminium & Alumina

Process, Power & MarineMetallurgical Coal


Thermal Coal


Source: Deutsche Bank,Research, (DB), AME Mineral Economics, (AME), ABARE Australian Commodities, March Quarter 2008

Materials HandlingProblem - Solution
nd ema D

Process, Power & Marine

Time to Market Solution:
Work-sharing Skilled Resources
Time to Market

Higher Productivity and Quality for SameHours Re-use of Design

2008 2015

Reduce Interfaces and Re-work Supply Chain Efficiency Vendor Integrated

Technology: Workflow: Leverage: Intergraph SmartPlant EnterpriseFront-end Loaded and Rule Based Synergies with Other Industries

Standardisation: Intelligent Re-usable Catalogue

Accuracy: Optimise: Safety: Knowledge: Total Installed Schedule and CostLayout, Pre-assembly, Design Standards Reviews: Hazop, Constructability, O&M Asset Lifecycle and Re-use

Proof of Concept Project Background / Purpose / Status
Problem – industry demand and resourcesupply needs a ‘step change’ solution Intergraph / SKM / UGL Resources
Synergy in industry boom location Best 3Di and integrated technology platform SmartPlant Enterprise; SP3D; SM3D

Process,Power & Marine

Document centric (2D) project delivery compared to Process Industries Proof of Concept initiates the step change
Industry requirements specified Solution concepts established and testedInitiated solution configuration and development Concept proved - confidence to continue Pilot project for ‘project readiness’ objective

Materials Handling Solution Benefits for Projects andAssets

Process, Power & Marine

Knowledge Management and Re-use Schedule
Standardisation Workflow Interfaces Productivity

Work-share Tracking Forecasting Integration