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  • Publicado : 16 de abril de 2012
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What do you expect from this job/stage?
I expect to have contact with diferent people and to learn and practice more english or spanish. that'sit.
Why do you want from this job/stage?
I want it because i like to work with people, with diferent cultures, and saynd other languages. onlyit. Because i prefer to work with people than in a closed office.
Talk about you.
I'm a student of tourism and i live in niterói with somefriends. i'm at the six period of tourism. All weekends i stay in rio, irajá with my parents. i moved to niterói because my studies . iNow things ilike to do. I like to go out with my friends, read good books, stay home with my famaly and friends and i love wacthing movies at the movie or athome.
Why did you choose tourism?
Because of tourism market is developing a lot and I think I can gain a lot of money in this field. I love tolearn other languages and it’s good in this field.
what do you like to do on your leisure?

What do i do to take to the .......?
Go ahead to thisbus stop and get the bus number 789 and then you'll see the .....
Go ahead, turn the left at the next corner and then take tha bus number have to take off at the ...... there you'll be too close what you want.
What do i do to take at Cristo
you hahe to take the bus 180 at here,praça mauá, at this square and you'll get off (out) at the cristo
considerate, friendly, patient and calm
distracted, disorganized, jealous