Riot grrrl: revolution girl style now!

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  • Publicado : 28 de janeiro de 2013
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Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!


This project is about the feminist youth culture ,the riot grrrls, also called “the third wave of feminism”. And this was a huge innovation to the movement, because although there had always been young women in the feminist organizations in general, there have never been young feminists to a specific staff to this segment. Its questionshave always turned to the adult woman: daycare, pay, maternity license, parliamentary parity, among others. The issue of children and youth was treated in a way that involved the adult population. In this sense, youth riot grrrl culture enables us to enter an expensive issue that has involved the feminism today: identity and represent it. The features that challenge the "woman" - a lesbian woman,a black woman and, in our case, the young woman, - forced the feminist movement to rethink the unit and that representation.

Riot Grrrl is… ?

According to the Password – English Dictionary for Speakers of Portuguese:
Riot – noun – a noisy disturbance created by a usually large group of people.
- verb – to form or take part in a riot.

And grrrl is the one time, a quibble withthe word girl and onomatopoeia like the noise of grinding of teeth, with the idea of anger.
They are young girls that, by linking music and politic, questioning and complaining about unequal gender relations and their consequences, in particular those relating to youth, build from a language and practice, a feminist identity.

The Riot Grrrls are not concerned to show themselves as cute,sensitive, well behaved. They argue for a new type of feminism, more aggressive, to hit these girls front with the old feminist who preached the nonviolence. Riot grrrls want to be heard. They want to speak out against various issues in today's society. Riot grrrl is not 'man-hating'. It is a movement for grrrls that want to be equal to men. Riot grrrls want to make a stand. Riot grrrl is being anonconformist and not meeting society's standards. Riot grrrls want to make a change. Riot grrrls are a loosely set up network of underground feminists and music fans, of all ages, all over the country. It's about GRRRL power: women getting together to help and encourage each other, getting rid of sexist stereotypes of what girls are supposed to be.
By the way, the riots did songs that talked aboutsex, pornography and they do not care about what other people think, but they care about what they are passing to the other girls. What do they pass? They pass that only because you're women, it doesn’t mean that you can be totally vulnerable, sweet, pink and robotic, you are what you want to be, so be! Not all riot grrrls are girls, some are riot boys and believe strongly in the riot grrrlmovement. Grrrls can be found anywhere from honor roll kids to downtown club kids. We are not all punk, all white, all lesbians, all musicians, all zine writers/editors, all vegetarians, all victims of abuse, or all straight edge. To be a riot grrrl, you don't have to listen to riot grrrl bands; you just have to believe in the riot grrrl philosophy Riot grrrl doesn't discriminate.

Riot grrrl is anyperson who believes that women should be treated equally in all ways. Riot grrrls believe they shouldn't be treated as 'sex objects' but as human beings. Riot grrrls want to have the same rights as men, but not be treated like they can't do anything. The world is male-dominated. It would be nice if it was equal...male and female dominated.They belive that it is not what's in between your legs thatmatters, but what's in your mind and in your heart.

Another definition would be this: it means equality. Riot grrrl is about choice and it should embrace everyone, because individuality is one of the most special things that one can have, and everybody has it and needs to use it. It is a sisterhood, as long as we don’t forget that we are all different and not to overlook that because that it...