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  • Publicado : 17 de outubro de 2012
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Gabriel Pirondi

Article Review

An objective article on a contemporary International Relations theme. This knol, Internationalization and the internet in UK manufacturing SMEs, written bythe Assistant Research Fellow & International Collaboration Chief Officer at Commerce Development Research Institute Ko-Min Kevin Tseng, examines the influence of the internet on theinternationalization process and international customer relationship interactions of UK manufacturing small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) . The author presents a basis for UK manufacturing small tomedium-sized enterprises to show the importance of internet which the author believes is fundamental for the development of the International Relations. Ko-Min Kevin Tseng is keen to point out the influence ofthe internet on the internationalization process and international customer relationship interactions of UK manufacturing small to medium-sized enterprises. My overall impression is that the author hasvalidated the argument in a credible way while applying a concise, understandable and well-structured method.
In this article, the author has relied on that the internet has a far greater impact onhigh-tech SMEs than their lower-technology counterparts and is more readily used by them to support their internationalization process through intelligence gathering activities, to coordinate customerrelationships and to investigate and expand their connections across a worldwide business network (Loane, 2006) and to develop relationships with new international suppliers. Ko-Min Kevin Tsengsites many researches. The author contends that the findings have demonstrated that the influence of the internet in the internationalization process and customer interactions of the SMEs differed acrossthree main dimensions: the ways in which the SMEs invested in and used different internet applications for internationalization and customer relationship support, the SMEs’ perceptions of the...