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Robinsom Crusoe

The novel tells the story of a young man of adventurous spirit, with a bold ideal: assuming responsibility for what could happen, good or bad about it. Robinsom Crusoe left thehouse of his father at age 19. Was merchant, slave and tobacco farmer in Brazil before sinking into a seemingly deserted island. Went to live rudely with a few tools that managed to rescue the shipaground near the island. Begins its struggle to survive. Build a shelter, furniture and learn to live without comfort. After building a boat to leave the island and could not even get him realize that theplace itself is very difficult to do something for yourself. With curiosity makes an expedition through the island, is an orchard and goats who later acquires the ability to tame them. I discoveredthat the land is fertile and begins to grow. Learn how to prepare breads, cakes and make Vasilias clay to store food. After 23 years on the island Crusoe finds Friday (so called because the day of theweek that was saved). And think now would be easier to build another boat and drag it. But soon is surprised by wild land on the island bringing Cristiano (white man shipwrecked by the tribe exceptFriday) and father Friday. Crusoe and Friday save them from death in a battle against the savages. A few days later it is time to disembark with a British military prisoners. This is a captain and twoassistants who are there for not obeying the order of the military and drug traffickers to smuggle slaves from the ship. Crusoe and Friday the rescue and provide shelter and food to the rescue of thecaptain commanding the vessel. Crusoe, Captain Friday and leave on the island five bandits because they believe in their recovery and do not wish to be responsible for their death. After 30 years on theisland Crusoe back to civilization with a parrot, a diary and his friend Friday and an experience that changes the life of a man. While reading one realizes the concern of Crusoe to speak of simple...