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Book Review of Madame Doubtfire

Book Review of Madame Doubtfire

The novel „Madame Doubtfire“ by Anne Fine is about a man, who wants to live with his children after his divorce. The charactersof the book are Miranda and Daniel Hilliard, their children Lydia, Christopher and their youngest child Natalie.


Daniel Hilliard:

He is a naive and funny man, who isn’t verystrict to his children. He doesn’t care about rules, because his living room is a mess. He lets his children do what they want and his behaviour is childish. He loves his children above all and hedoesn’t want to be separated from them. He even tries to be their nanny under his pseudonym "Madame Doubfire“.

Miranda Hilliard:

She was the wife of Daniel. On the one hand, she loves herex-husband, because he makes her laugh, but on the other hand, her husband doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t do any work at home. She has much success in her job, because she is the Managing Director ofLighting Emporium. As a result, she earns a lot of money. She also doesn’t have any time for her children and so she needs a nanny.

Lydia, Christopher and Natalie:

These are wild children, who wanttheir father to live with them. Their mother doesn’t have much time for them and she is relativly strict. After the divorce of their parents, they are quarrelling the whole time. Natalie is theyoungest of them, the other children Lydia and Christopher are older.

The story takes place in many places, but particularly at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard.


The novel is about a man,who wants to live with his children after his divorce. Daniel Hilliard can only see them on Friday and only for a short time. The reason for the divorce lies in his naive and sloppy style. He isn’table to be serious and to help with the housework. Moreover Daniel doesn’t have a job. So it was getting impossible for her to live with him. One day, the children tell him that their mother Miranda...
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