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  • Publicado : 15 de outubro de 2012
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European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2010


Jerry P. Nolan*, Jasmeet Soar, David A. Zideman, Dominique Biarent, Leo L. Bossaert, Charles Deakin, Rudolph W. Koster, Jonathan Wyllie, Bernd Böttiger, on behalf of the ERC Guidelines Writing Group**.

Jerry P. Nolan

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Royal United Hospital Bath, UK E *Corresponding author


Jasmeet Soar Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust Bristol, UK David A. Zideman Consultant Anaesthetist and Hon Senior Lecturer Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK Dominique Biarent Associate Professor of Paediatrics Paediatric Intensive Care and Emergency MedicineUniversité Libre de Bruxelles Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital Brussels, Belgium Leo L. Bossaert Emeritus Professor of Medicine Cardiology and Intensive Care University of Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium

Charles D. Deakin Consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Critical Care Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust Southampton, UK Rudolph W. Koster Department of Cardiology Academic Medical CenterAmsterdam, The Netherlands Jonathan Wyllie Consultant in Neonatology and Paediatrics Clinical Director of Neonatology The James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough, UK Bernd W. Böttiger Direktor der Klinik für Anästhesiologie und Operative Intensivmedizin Universitätsklinikum Köln Köln, Germany


**ERC Guidelines Writing Group Gamal Abbas, Annette Alfonzo, Hans-Richard Arntz, JohnBallance, Alessandro Barelli, Michael A. Baubin, Dominique Biarent, Joost Bierens, Robert Bingham, Leo L. Bossaert, Hermann Brugger, Antonio Caballero, Pascal Cassan, Maaret Castrén, Cristina Granja, Nicolas Danchin, Charles D. Deakin, Joel Dunning, Christoph Eich, Marios Georgiou, Robert Greif, Anthony J. Handley, Rudolph W. Koster, Freddy K. Lippert, Andrew S. Lockey, David Lockey, Jesús López-Herce,Ian Maconochie, Koenraad G. Monsieurs, Nikolaos I Nikolaou, Jerry P. Nolan, Peter Paal, Gavin D. Perkins, Violetta Raffay, Thomas Rajka, Sam Richmond, Charlotte Ringsted, Antonio Rodríguez-Núñez, Claudio Sandroni Gary B. Smith, Jasmeet Soar, Petter A. Steen, Kjetil Sunde, Karl Thies, Jonathan Wyllie David Zideman



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