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Primeira temporada

Episódio 01 – Piloto

Don´t Trust Me – 3OH!3
I Won´t – Colbie Caillat
Flaunt – Girls Love Shoes
Beauty – Ben’s Brother
Happiness – The Fray
More of you – Mozella
When love goes well – Michael Rossback
Suggestions – Orelia
I Got Up – Overnight Lows
Hands of time – Rachel Diggs
Begin Again – Measure

Episódio 02 – The Jenna Thing

Sweet 17 – Supabeat
What ILike – Jackie James
Crazy – Katie Herzig
Evolove – 2012
Jakie N Jill – Katie Herzig
Fresh pair of eyes – Brooke Waggoner
Falling for the First Time – Jules Larson
Remember – Kari Kimmel
After All – Ben Rector

Episódio 03 – To Kill a Mocking Girl

The One – Black Mustang
Two Hands – Chew Lips
One Kiss Don´y Make a Summer – Lucky Soul
Cool Enough – Nicole Atkins
Closer To Your –Jaylene Johnson

Episódio 04 – Can You Hear Me Now

I Don´t Need You Anymore – Jim Camacho
Comatose – Timmy Curran
In My Strade – Oh Mercy
Go Jetsetter – The Postmarkers
Seven – Chew Lips
Charmed Life – Joy Williams
Ride – Cary Brothers

Episódio 05 – Reality Bites Me

I Will Follow – Katie Herzig
Heard It All Before – Meiko
Lie to me – Evolde
Always a first time – Jets Overhead
NoMatter How Hard We Try – Jayle Johnson
Somedoby Else – Aidan Hawken

Episódio 06 – There´s No Place Like Homecoming

Let Me Down Easy – 2AmClub
Make Your Mine – 2AmClub
Same Night Sky – 2AmClub
Worry About You – 2AmClub

Episódio 07 – The Homecoming Hangover

Siempre Tu – Diego Boneta
Wish You Well – Katie Herzig
Icarus – Wnite Hinterland
Starting Now – Ingrid Michaelson

Episódio 08– Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone

Will You Catch Me Then – Garrison Starr
Faster Babe – 2AM Club
Car Dance – Leah Andreone & Kevin Fisher
So This Is Progress – The Status
I’m Not Over – Carolina Liar
Every Summer – U.S. Royalty
Under the Umbrella – Company of Thieves

Episódio 09 – The Perfect Storm

Never Get Enough – Honey Pie
Who Knows Where The Time Goes? – SandyDenny
Quiet Hearts – Amy Stroup

Episódio 10 – Keep Your Friends Close

Lover Take Me – Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
Crush – Aidan Hawken
Chocolate & Cigarettes – Angus & Julia Stone
Uh Oh (I’m Falling) – Shelly Fraley
Where The Road Meets The Sun – Katie Herzig and Matthew Perryman Jones
Dig With Me – Allie Moss
BlackLight – One Call
Out Of Reach – Matthew Perryman JonesEpisódio 11 – Moments Later

Stay By Me – Trent Dabbs
What’s Going On – Hayley Taylor

Episódio 12 – Salt Meets Wound

Big Baby – Love Grenades
How Do You? – The Fast Romantics
Timebomb – Pigeon John
Marathon – Tennis
Darken Me – Electric Owls
God Knows – Fay Wolf

Episódio 13 – Know Your Frenemies

Plans – Hayley Taylor
Brittle Winter – Gemma Hayes
Wonder-Dummied – BrookeWaggoner
Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll Be Fine – Brooke Waggoner

Episódio 14 – Careful What U Wish 4

Your Kind Of Girl – Jules Larson
Come To Nothing – Car Sterero Wars
Love The Nite Away – DJ Kaos
Kids – Miss TK and The Revenge
When I’m Small – Phantogram
Fire Eyes – Canyons

Episódio 15 – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Hey Na Na – Katie Herzig
Leave It All Behind –Allie Moss
Redeeming Love – Amy Stroup
Heal For The Honey – Brooke Waggoner

Episódio 16 – Je Suis Une Amie

Everything At Once – Superchunk
You Make Me Feel Like Someone – Luscious Redhead
I Won’t Apologize – Selena Gomez
Sit With Me Tonight – Garrison Starr

Episódio 17 – The New Normal

In Your Arms – Kina Grannis
Try – Zach Berkman

Episódio 18 – The Bad Seed

Don’t Want This ToEnd – Jarrod Gorbel
Message – Kyle Puccia
Party Girl – McFly
A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) – All Time Low

Episódio 19 – A Person of Interest

Two At A Time – Shelly Fraley
Woman – Band Of Thieves
Hey Hey – Band Of Thieves
Breathe – Rowan
Glitter In The Air – Pink
Moth’s Wings – Passion Pit
You Are – The Daylights

Episódio 20 – Someone to Watch Over Me

To Be Alone – Madi...
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