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Local compiler switches
cmd A Sa d $B $C short $A long $ALIGN $ASMMODE $BOOLEVAL $ASSERTIONS $CALLING $DEFINE $ELSE $ENDIF $ERROR $FATAL $GOTO $LONGSTRINGS $HINT $HINTS $IF $IFDEF $IFNDEF $IFOPT$INFO $INLINE $IOCHECKS $INCLUDE $INCLUDE $LINK $LINKLIB $TYPEINFO $MACRO $MAXFPUREGISTER $MESSAGE $MMX $NOTE $NOTES $OUTPUT FORMAT $OPENSTRINGS $PACKENUM $PACKRECORDS $OVERFLOWCHECKS $RANGECHECKS$SATURATION $SMARTLINK $STATIC $STOP $TYPEDADDRESS $UNDEF $VARSTRINGCHECKS $WAIT $WARNING $WARNINGS $EXTENDEDSYNTAX explanation Align Data. Select assembler mode. Use complete boolean evaluation. Enableassertion support. Set default calling convention Define a symbol. Switch conditional compilation. End conditional compilation. Generate error message. Use far or near functions. Generate fatal errormessage. Support Goto and Label. Use AnsiStrings. Generate hint message. Emit hints Start conditional compilation. Start conditional compilation. Start conditional compilation. Start conditionalcompilation. Generate info message. Enable inline code support. Include Input/Output checking. Include file. Include compiler info. Link object file. Link to a library. Generate Run-Time type information. Enablemacro support. set maximum number of FPU registers Generate info message. Enable Intel MMX support. Generate note message. Emit notes. Select compiler output format. Use open strings. Specify minimumenumeration type size. Specify Alignment of record elements. Use overflow checking. Use range checking. Enable saturation operations. Use smartlinking. Enable use of Static keyword. Generate fatalerror message. Enable typed address operator. Undefine a symbol. Use strict var-string checking. Wait for enter key press. Generate warning message. Emit warnings. Enable use of extended syntax.

$F Sg$H vh

Si Ci

$I $I $I $L $M


vn A $P

Co Cr XX St

$Q $R

$T u $V


Global compiler switches
cmd short long $APPID $APPNAME $APPTYPE $DEBUGINFO $DESCRIPTION explanation...