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Dear Madam Jennifer Mallman, Grant Coordinator Latin America Standard Grants, Lions Quest Core 4 Grants

I've been through this, request help of Lions Club International Foundation for stem celltreatment for my nephew.
My name is Lucas de Souza Caldeira, am the president of Club Votuporanga LEO, LEO District LC-6, LEOístico Year 2011/2012, and my father is Lord Rose Álvaro Peixoto, treasurerVotuporanga Lions Club, District LC-6, fiscal year 2011/2011.
I have a nephew of one year and 10 months old, his name is Pedro Peixoto Tassi, born on December 27, 2009, 27 weeks premature, weighing2.29 lbs and 37 inches. With his premature birth he had to stay for 80 days in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the "Santa Casa de Misericordia de Votuporanga" with this sojourn he contracted someinfections which provided a bilateral periventricular leukomalacia hemorrhage that caused a cerebral palsy, causing a loss of motor and part of speech.
Because of this it needs to do a stem celltreatment in China, clinical Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which is the best place to get patients prepared children for use of stem cells in the world. He has been accepted by doctors specialized inShenzhen Beike Clinic - China (attached declaration of acceptance of Peter to the treatment) for the treatment. But the cost of treatment and the trip is very expensive, about $ 150,000.00 both, andboth my brother and my sister in law and can not afford to pay for treatment at the time.
I humbly request help from one department so that we can bring our beloved "Little Pete" as we call it here,to carry out the treatment to be able to walk and talk.
I know that is not much for you but for me it's a dream that would take place, see my nephew walk and talk like any normal child in this world.I pray every night asking God to intercede for him so that he can do this treatment and not suffer more than they already are suffering.
For more information on Peter and his treatment is just to...
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