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Portfolios, Programs and Projects:
A Soft Systems Approach to Management of Organizational Change
Dr Lynn Crawford University of Technology, Sydney and Human Systems Global Knowledge Networks

Context Context Definitions Definitions Applying PM to Organizational Change Applying PM to Organizational Change Projects vs Organizational Change Programs Projects vs Organizational ChangePrograms Hard and Soft Systems Approaches Hard and Soft Systems Approaches Organizational Change Case Study Organizational Change Case Study Conclusions Conclusions


Lynn Crawford 2002

© Lynn Crawford 2002

Human Systems Global Knowledge Networks

PM Communities of Practice
Sharing and creating knowledge Improving individual & corporate performance Advancing PM practice: •HSKnowledge Networks •Reflective Practitioners •PM Profession & global PM standards

UTS / ARC PM Competence & Soft Systems Research

PM Competence of Organisations

PM Competence of People

Different levels of PM Maturity. . .


4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0


PM Capability

1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

Pharmaceuticals EPCM Financial Services DefencePetrochem

Team types


Information Authorization


© Lynn Crawford 2002

Projects Projects Programs Programs Portfolios Portfolios Portfolios of Programs of Projects Portfolios of Programs of Projects Organisational Change Organisational Change


Lynn Crawford 2002

© Lynn Crawford 2002

? A temporary endeavour undertaken tocreate a unique product or service

? A unique, novel and transient

endeavour undertaken to achieve novel objectives and involving considerable risk and uncertainty
(Turner, Gower Handbook of PM, 2000)
Refer Wideman Comparative Glossary of PM Terms V3.0,

© Lynn Crawford 2002

Programs: Many definitions…

A group of relatedprojects managed in a coordinated way. Programs usually include an element of ongoing work


A portfolio of projects that
– Share common business objectives – Share the same resources – Benefit from a consolidated approach
• a series of projects for the same client

– Are directed to one specific objective or outcome
• a single large or very complex project

– Is selected andplanned in a coordinated way to achieve a set of defined objectives, giving effect to various (and often overlapping) initiatives and/or implementing a strategy

A set of otherwise unrelated projects bounded by a business cycle
Refer Wideman Comparative Glossary of PM Terms V3.0, and The Programme Management Website www.e

© LynnCrawford 2002

? Portfolio

– A group of projects or other items that are being worked on at the same time
? Portfolio


– The management of a number of projects that do not share a common objective .
• eg the responsibility of an operations manager of a company managing several different projects for different clients
Refer Wideman Comparative Glossary of PM TermsV3.0,

© Lynn Crawford 2002

Project Portfolio Management

process of ensuring that projects (initiatives) and resources
– are aligned with corporate strategy – provide most value for least risk for invested resources

© Lynn Crawford 2002

Corporate Strategy



Data & Business

Consumer & Multimedia

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Info. Management E-office Middleware/ Systems Integration IP Data Centres Workforce Management

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Call Centre Operations Improvement s

TAS Number portability Web based billing


Project A

Project B

Project C

Project D


Projects, Programs,...