Past perfect

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Past Perfect

O Past Perfect indica uma ação passada anterior a outra ação passada.
Forma: Sujeito + had + verbo principal no particípio passado
Ex: He had written journal.
Interrogative:Had he written journal?
Negative: He had not written journal.

Ex: 1- I had finished my lunch when you arrived.
2- He had read books before he watched TV.
3- They had left before Iarrived.
4- He had already had breakfast when I met.
5- The movie had started when we got to the movie theater.
Complete with Past Perfect:
a) The incident gave me abetter understanding than I_______________________________ (to have) before.
b) They wouldn't let him in because he __________________ his membership card. (to forget)
c) __________________thenew film by Spike Lee? (you, to see)
d) They ______________ a lot of champagne by the time the party ended. (to drink)

Past Perfect Continuous

Expressa uma ação que estava acontecendono passado antes de outra ação também no passado.
Forma: Had been + verbo principal + ing
Interrogativa: Had you been waiting long before the taxi arrived?
Negativa: You had not beenwaiting long before the taxi arrived.

1. Diana and I had been going out for a long time when she fell in love with you.
2. I had been working hard all day before I got that promotion.3. Her friends had been thinking of calling the police when she walked in.
4. It had been raining hard for several hours and the streets were very wet.
5. We had been thinking aboutbuying a new house but then we decided to stay here.

Complete with Past Perfect Continuous:
a) I ___________ the dogs when I tripped and fell. (feed)
b) Simon ____________apositive answer when he got a job. (not- expect)
c) ____ he _________ when you found him? (drink)
d) Dylan ______ chess for several years before he entered his first tournament (study)...
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