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allupato -a (adjective)
sexually excited The adjective comes from "lupo" (wolf) and literally means: "starved as a wolf". Note that a man (or woman) which is "allupato" often is also unlucky.
ammucchiata (feminine noun)
1) orgy; 2) political alliance. The word comes from the verb"ammucchiare" that means "to heap up". The second meaning of the word, i.e. "political alliance", is a derogatory term used to indicate a practice frequently used in Italy by parties not to loose power.
anale (adjective)
anal In vulgar language, this adjective is often used by self-proclaimed polite persons instead of other stronger sentences. E.g. "avere un amplesso anale" = "to have ananal intercourse" instead of "inculare".
arrapato -a (adjective)
+ sexually very excited. Unknown etymology. E.g. "Giovanni e' arrapato" = "Giovanni is very excited". Also the superlative "arrapatissimo" can be used.
arruso/arrusa (noun)
++ sodomy passive player Used in Palermo, Sicily, as general and strong offence. Being penetrated by the ass is a very big offence for averagetraditional sicilian men's proud. ex. "T' Taggh' a facc', arruso" (in threating sense) should sound like "I' ll strip our face, asshole".
assatanato -a (adjective)
1) sexually excited; 2) possessed. The adjective comes from Satan, and at present is nearly only used with the first meaning, which is the same of "allupato" (see). The second is the correct meaning, which is unused at present.
++ bitch, whore
bagnarsi (transitive verb used as reflexive)
to ejaculate in one's underwear This verb literally means "to get wet".
+ whore ?, bitch ? Insult used towards a woman.
balle (fem. noun, plural)
Testicles. This is a more sounding form for "palle".
battere (verb)
to prostitute oneself usually "battere" in italian means "to beat"but "battere la strada"(lett."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun.fem.)is a female who "batte"
to prostitute oneself usually "battere" in italian means "to beat" but "battere la strada"(lett."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun.fem.)is a female who "batte"battona
penis he have a big belino
+ cock Used in North East of Italy
++ promiscuous woman lett. "woman who likes to give blow-jobs"
+ to suck a dickhead
Bofilo (masc)
++ blow job, oral sex Derived by omonimous "Bofill" cigarette holders,(in Italian cigarette holder means "bocchino" that means also "blow job")Used just in Bologna, (cfr. L' arte bolognese) ex. "stacciami un bofilo" = "make me a low job"
a worthless or useless thing
bordello (masc. noun)
1) unbearable noise or confusion; 2) brothel. At present the word is used nearly only with the first meaning.
+ pussy
bucaiolo (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual man who likes to be fucked. See "busone".budiùlo (noun)
+ asshole; Idiot, stupid Expression used in middle Italy (Toscana, namely in Livorno, against people of Pisa). Example: O budiùlo d'un Pisano!
buona donna (adject. + fem. noun)
+ whorse The words literally mean "good woman", and are only used in the sentence "figlio di buona donna", corresponding, in the meaning, to "son of a bitch". Another Italian corresponding sentence is "figliodi puttana".
busone (masc. noun)
+ Homosexual man who likes to be fucked. The word, that literally means "big ass(hole)" is frequently used in Veneto and in Emilia. The term "ricchione" or "recchione", that comes from Naples, and the term "bucaiolo", that comes from Toscana, have the same meaning.
- poo, doo-doo
caccati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi
++ take a...
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