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Sunshine in the rain
The clock strikes 1pm on a Wednesday, I was at school and it was time to go home. On that day I had to walk to my house, of course this wasn’t a problem, however, it was pouring and none of my friends could give me a ride because they would stay at school to finish some homework. I always take an umbrella with me, except for that particular day… I felt so lucky! After a20-minute walk, I arrived at my apartment completely wet, looking like a wet chick. Then, I took a long warm shower and ate my lunch. Later, my dad came home holding a baby sparrow bird on his hands. This bird had almost no feathers; his appearance was a bit ugly, he was extremely fragile and very tiny, like the size of an egg. I was desperate when I saw him because the bird was shaking so much, hewas wet just like I was, and I didn’t know if I should touch him, I was very afraid to hurt him at that moment. My father told me he found the bird in the middle of the sidewalk during the terrible storm; he actually thought the bird was dead but he took it home anyway. My dad has always been a good man and wanted to save the bird’s life, that’s why he brought him to me. I named this bird as Rainy,for obvious reasons.
While my dad went to the pet store in order to get food for Rainy, I stayed at home. Even though I held him in my hands the whole time to keep him heated he was still trembling, which made me worried: he was probably sick and when a baby bird gets sick, it isn’t a good sign, so I knew I would have to be extra careful and work even harder to keep him alive. I already had someexperience with baby birds, since this was the third one that my father brought home, the other two were healthy, having a good life at its bird cages, one is an Australian cockatiel and the other is a parakeet; their names are Star and Quiriri. Fifteen minutes later, my dad arrived with food and a cardboard box. Because Rainy was a baby, he had to be fed using a syringe, to pretend that it washis mother feeding him. Actually in that moment I felt like a mom, it was a transcendent feeling because at least he could eat, so then he wouldn’t die from starving, and I felt more relieved. After that, I put him on his box along with a small blanket, just to make sure he could feel warm, then, I did my homework and some other things.
When my mom came home after work, she couldn’t believe thatmy dad had brought another bird to our house, she got somehow angry because she didn’t want our apartment to be like a nursery for birds, and also she thought that Rainy as a sparrow bird should be free, just like every other bird from this species. Nevertheless, Rainy was unable to live outside; he just wouldn’t survive: so little, alone, without his real mother to feed and protect him. I had todo something, so I wanted to take care of him as much as I could to make sure he could grow up in a healthy and strong way.
The process of taking care of baby birds is sort of tricky; you must be very dedicated and pay attention to all the details, such as feeding the bird every three hours, cleaning his cage/cardboard box every time he poops and being there whenever he needs you. I was a goodmom and although I had to go to school, I came home as earlier as I could to be with Rainy and feed him every single day. At night, Rainy used to sleep on the right side of my bed, I needed to be sure he was doing well and that he was not feeling cold anymore. Just like a mom, I used to wake up in the middle of the nights for several times. Sometimes when I opened his box during night, he wouldopen his big brown eyes, look to me and scream for food, then, I had to go to the kitchen and prepare his meal. I was never bothered by that, when we have someone that we love, we should do everything we can.
During the weekend I did neither go out with my friends nor my family, in fact, my friends visited me to watch movies and hang out; of course Rainy was by my side for the entire time. I...
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