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  • Publicado : 17 de abril de 2013
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In a world in constant transformation the training and development if had become in current days one of the great weapons for the success of theorganizations. The information arrives the time all and in search of this information for the one best one resulted, the companies look professionals capable to generate, tomanage and to transmit this knowledge. In this search, the training and development appear as an efficient form for this transposition. The preparation of the employeefor specific positions comes through the training, that if became basic for the enterprise management. The organizations having this vision pass if to more dedicateeach time for this intention. The form with that these training is made accurately aims at the area which the same is destined and consequently the accompanimentafter-training is an efficient form of if to know if the training got positive answers or not. The Organizations are worried about the stages of the training, if the contextarrived its employees, measures and evaluates each stage of the process of a training. But it is not only enough to train, with this concept and the anxiety of ifinvesting in the professional qualification the organizations start to invest energy in its employees, developing them. The cycle of the training the tools to train the usedmethods and as it develops them are constituent parts of this monograph as well as a importance to develop people. The development of people appears of form to givecontinuity to the training. The update, the perfectioning and the professional development generate value the career of the professional adding and developing abilities.
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