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Luis Boscardin

Senior Associate

Partners in Performance

Luis Boscardin has 12 years experience in operational improvement and process optimization. He has worked across many industries,including mining, automotive, education and high-tech. He has worked in Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Experience includes:

• Partners in Performance, Senior Associate

ROCx(Rapid Optimization of Capital Expenditure), Iron Ore: Part of the team that implemented PIPs ROCx methodology that resulted on a 80% increase of the NPV, around US$ 1 Billion.

OrganizationalStructure Redesign, Iron Ore: Conducted interviews and applied the RASCI model to redefine organization structure, defined high-level organization KPIs and trained and coached management for theimplementation of PIP’s RAR (Results and Actions Review)

Business Improvement, Gold Mine: Conducted the process to identified and implement improvement opportunities of 20% in production, throughtraining, coaching and conducting idea generation sessions. Responsible for process optimization on the maintenance department, redefining internal procedures and controls that resulted in 30%increase in availability.

• Car Manufacturer, Quality Leader: Accomplished the implementation of the Internal Quality System for the most modern plant in Brazil (3,000 employees) in record time,helping the plant beat German quality levels within a year after the start of production

• Car Manufacturer, Plant Representative: Representing a Brazilian plant in North America, established thecommunication process to drastically improve quality levels and reduce logistics costs by 60%.

• School Director: Conducted a Turnaround process that took the company to profits within a year,after 7 years of chronic loss, heavy debt and severe restrictions of cash and credit.

• Online DVD Store Director: Founded a successful online DVD store that reached 7.000 customers. It’s...