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  • Publicado : 22 de março de 2013
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Last chance

Mike works in SFX news camera man, his boss is Mr. Frank. Mike was making a video for Frank, but Frank was not amused and said it would lay off Mike, but Mike asked one last chancebecause I needed the job.
Mike Le newspaper office and see a picture of a volcano that is Hawaii Frank arrives and then you ask what it is doing reading the newspaper, then I saw Mike says to Hawaiifare a very exciting video of the volcano.
He goes to his home and takes her fancy car and his camera.
Later Mike catches a plane to Hawaii, with only seven people in avião.Mike look out your windowand see how beautiful and Hawaii and he wanted to go surfing, but the sky is dark and aero port and people are running crying because the volcano is in eruption.Mike account that will make a film,and wonder if it's worth going up the volcano because the volcano is very long.One girl tells Mike that the volcano and very dangerous, she says Jenny thinks her friend is there and says Mike says itwill not work although it has fazer. A girl says her friend Jenny has big blue eyes and that Mike and look for it.
Mike says goodbye to girl and think this is really their last chance, the girlstarts crying and Mike is afraid.
I must not fear Mike says, he looks at the camera and says it'll be worth friend.
When Mike comes to town until he finds a man, and Mike asks how to get to thevolcano. The man says it is better to walk and carry water, because the fire is too hot. Mike goes on to arrive two hours after the volcano. He shoots a huge volcano and smoke. The stones almost fall intoit. He hears a voice calling for help and will see who it is. It is a young girl, Jenny, she is with her leg stuck in the Stone, Mike pushes the stone and make a dressing. She thanks her and they runaway from the volcano. firefighters arrive and they go back to the office of Frank. They watch the video, Frank likes the video, Mike looks if Jenny is well and earn their spot in employment.
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