Lista de verbos regulares

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to abuse abused abused = abusar.
to allow allowed allowed = permitir.
to announce announced announced = anunciar.
to answer answered answered = responder.
to apply applied applied = aplicar,candidatar-se.
to arrest arrested arrested = prender.
to arrive arrived arrived = chegar.
to ask asked asked = perguntar.
to bathe bathed bathed = banhar-se.
to behead beheaded beheaded = block blocked blocked = bloquear.
to blush blushed blushed = corar.
to bog down bogged down bogged down = atolar.
to call called called = chamar.
to capture captured captured = capturar.
tocarry carried carried = carregar.
to change changed changed = trocar.
to check out checked out checked out = verificar
to close closed closed = fechar.
to collect collected collected = condemn condemned condemned = condenar
to confess confessed confessed = confessar.
to cry cried cried = chorar.
to cure cured cured = curar.
to dance danced danced = dançar.
to decide decideddecided = decidir.
to descend descended descended = descer.
to disappear disappeared disappeared = desaparecer.
to discover discovered discovered = descobrir.
to dream dreamed dreamed = enjoy enjoyed enjoyed = apreciar, divertir-se.
to enter entered entered = entrar.
to expect expected expected = esperar.
to faint fainted fainted = desmaiar.
to fan fanned fanned = abanar.
tofish fished fished = pescar.
to grant granted granted = conceder.
to guess guessed guessed = adivinhar.
to happen happened happened = acontecer.
to help helped helped = ajudar.
to hunt huntedhunted = caçar.
to identify identified identified = identificar.
to imagine imagined imagined = imaginar.
to indicate indicated indicated = indicar.
to interview interviewed interviewed =entrevistar.
to iron ironed ironed = passar roupa.
to kidnap kidnapped kidnapped = sequestrar.
to kill killed killed = matar.
to kiss kissed kissed = beijar.
to knock knocked knocked = bater.
to laugh...
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