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  • Publicado : 9 de maio de 2012
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Mogi Guaçu, April 05 th, 2012.

Dear Mary Janes
How are you? How have you been?
So, you have written to me asking some information about a good hotel to stay in the United States. I recommend youthe Hilton Miami Airport in Florida, it is next to the airport, you don’t need to call for a taxi, because the hotel sends a person to pick you up there, so it is very practical.
My friend, Isuggest you to stay there, because it is a good hotel in a great location. I am sure you will love it.

Well, here a piece of information about this wonderful hotel:
• Breakfast: huge, verydelicious, it includes: fried eggs, bread, coffee and milk, orange juice, grape juice, watermelon, crackers, chocolate cake, corn cake, cereal and so on. Cost: 15 dollars per day.
• Swimming pool: largewith hot water. Cost: 5 dollars per day.
• Pets: They are allowed into the hotel, but the service is charged. Cost: 2 dollars per animal.
• Internet access free all day long.
• Valuediaries: 400 dollars per week per person. It is almost free.
• Service room: free, fast and the room maid does everything you ask and need.
• Bedroom: about 300, all clean, well neat,comfortable, and in front of the lake.
• Parking lot: huge. It keeps a great number of cars about 2000. Cost 5 dollars per day.
• Parties: in the morning, in front of the swimming pool, surrounded bylittle sofas and white beach umbrellas, three times a week: On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 9 a.m - 3 p.m. It is only necessary summer clothes such as: bikini, bathing suit, swimming trunks (Nakedpeople are forbidden in this case).

It also attends people with special necessities such as: wheelchairs users, blind people and also special communication for deaf people. There is a groupof professional highly qualified to deal with this sort of guests.
The hotel has an amazing view, in front of it. There is a wonderful lake, surrounded by trees; the landscape is the best I have...