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The Great Females Inventors
In the next minutes, we will show you that womens were and are very important on the technology and sciences’s evolution.
It’s not like we think, notonly the mens are important. The womens also give important break thoughts to the world.

The Dishwasher: Josephine Garis Cochrane/1886 Sara
In 1886, Josephine presented the first manual dishwasher.First, it was just accepted in restaurants and hotels. The dishwasher was only adopted by the public in 1950.

Lightweight glasses lenses: Marga Flaustish/1973 Cátia
This female inventor is knownin the science world, for the invention of lightweight glasses lenses with high reflection. Glasses with high levels of diopter became more lightweight and with better aesthetics.

Fiber used forbulletproof vests: Stephanie Knolek/1964 Claúdia
While Stephanie was searching a new fiber to be used in tires, she came to a new chemical formula of a fiber. She tested the new fiber and realizedthat this didn’t break. Kevlar, the new fiber used for bulletproof vests, was created. Is used for others police defense materials, that make this invention important, because it has saved lives.Cataract Laserphaco Probe: Patricia Bath/1988 Sara
Patricia Bath was the first African American female doctor. She dedicated herself to the treatment and prevention of blindness, inventing the CataractLaserphaco Probe, in 1988. This uses the power of a laser to quickly and painlessly remove the cataracts from patients’ eyes.

Waterproof Diaper: Marion Donovan/1951 Claúdia
Marion Donovan, adesperate mother decided one day to invent something that replaces the cloth-diaper. That’s why she began to make experiences with waterproof material, like shower curtain. She succeeded in developing thefirst waterproof diaper cover in 1951.

“Miracle-glass”: Katharine Burr Blodgett/1938 Cátia
The first woman, who graduated physics in the University of Cambridge, was Katharine Burr Blodgett. In...
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