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1. What does Bella Swan ask for?
a. A gift
b. A hug
c. A kiss

2. Bella Swan cuts her:
a. Hair
b. finger
c. leg

3. In the woods,Edward says to Bella:
a. This is the last time you'll ever see me
b. This is the time to talk
c. This is the time to run

4. Laurent offers Bella:
b. Love
c. Protection

5. What does Jacob transform into?
a. A dog
b. A wolf
c. A bear

Now watch the video M
5. What does Jacobtransform into?
a. A dog
b. A wolf
c. A bear

Now watch the video MR BEANS’S HOLIDAY TRAILER at
And choosethe correct answers:

6. In his [...] film,
a. last
b. best
c. first

7. he[...] America by surprise.
a. took
b. look
c. book

8.[...] in his new film . . .
a. But
b. And
c. Lot

9. The winner of this magnificent [...] is 919.
a. holiday
b. every day
c. whole day10. France will finally [...]
a. let
b. bet
c. get

11. [...] they deserve.
a. that
b. what
c. wrote

12. Mr. Bean is ready for his[...] vacation but he's having a [...] trouble
a. dream / little
b. film / beatle
c. ring / lift

13. getting [...].
a. here
b. there

14. Now, to reach the [...],
a. pitch

19. From Universal Pictures, this [...] ...
a. some are
b. summer
c. sum up

20. there is notelling [...] he's going
a. where
b. when
c. we are

21. but everyone [...] where he's [...].
a. knows / been
b. now is / Bean
c. know / bring
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