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Supercar pedal-power
Apr 4th 2011, 15:05 by P.M. (conferir final do texto)
PEDAL power is getting a boost from high-performance automotive firms. The latest is the carbon-fibre Storck Cosworth,the result of a partnership between Cosworth, a British engineering firm best known for building Formula 1 racing engines, and Storck Bicycle, a German manufacturer of high-end bikes. What gives theStorck Cosworth extra pep is a 250W electric motor powered by a lithium-polymer battery. With 60Nm of torque, the bike has a lot more grunt than a typical electric hub-motor installed in bicycles. Andit can go 40-100km (25-62 miles) without pedalling, depending on the capacity of the battery it is fitted with.
1. Qual o nome das duas empresas que fabricarão a super bicicleta?
2. O que asduas empresas fabricam?
3. Qual a distância que dá para percorrer sem pedalar?
4. Qual a peça fundamental utilizada nesta bicicleta?
Electric bikes are going to be a big growth market inEurope, reckons Storck. The Cosworth model is the flagship in a new range of cycles with electric-motor assistance, called Storck Raddar, which the company launched today. With a price tag of £3,999($6,454) it is not cheap, but then neither were Ford cars that had sporty Cosworth engines in them.
5. Onde este tipo de bicicleta provavelmente fará sucesso?
6. Qual será o preço médio destasbicicletas?
You can spend even more and still have to pedal the bike yourself. McLaren, a British-based Formula 1 team which also makes fast road cars, has teamed up with Specialized, an Americanbicycle maker, to produce the McLaren Venge. This is a serious racing bike which made its debut at the annual Milan-San Remo cycle race on March 19th, where it was ridden by the winner, Matt Goss. The framealone for this bike is reported to cost £5,000.
7 Será necessário pedalar esta bicicleta?
8 Quem produz a bicicleta chamada McLaren Venge.?
9 Onde esta bicicleta fez grande sucesso?...