Hunter adams

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2013
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Hunter Adams was a man that, after his father’s death on the war, couldn’t find a place in the world (he was always feelingdislocated… So, he tried to commit suicide, but he survived, so he decided to go to an hospice by him self.
There, he learned that hecould help the others by using the humor as a “gun”. After, when he got out of that hospice, he entered to the university tostudy medicine, so that he could be able to help the others.
Unfortunately, they only were allowed to have contact with the patientsin the 3 rd year. BUT, He went to the hospital and made a “miracle”: he made an entire room full of sick sad people leaf outlow!!! The bad part was that Patch (name given by a friend of his of the hospice) was “catched” and almost expel of the university…One day, he had the great idea of making a hospital where the people were treated for free. He quickly could make his dream cometrue, but he was prosecuted and had to go to the court!
Fortunately, he made the judge see that he was only making the good andgave a message to all the students of medicine in order to make them start SEEING THE PATIENTS AS PERSONS WITH FEELINGS… And that waspretty good, because he ended up for winning the case!
In the end, he got graduated and came true a dream of an old lady!
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