How united states enabled al qaeda

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How we enabled Al Qaeda

This is a war that should have ended years ago. The 09/11 attacks revealed to world a powerful and agile enemy, that demands equal intelligent and agile counter-attack.Instead, the USA made big errors. One of the errors was the alarm of the CIA about the two agents of Al Qaeda living in New York, but they didn’t do anything. Another mistake was when USA ignored AlQaeda in Pakistan to invade Iraq, the Bush administration underestimated Osama Bin Laden’s resistance, trust in the Pakistanis authorities and focused in the wrong battlefield. Bin Laden recognized thismisstep early and set a trap: remove all Al Qaeda troops of Iraq and put in Pakistan, and hide in a house close to Pakistan’s elite military academy (a perfect place to hide). And the USA trust in thepresident of the Pakistan when he said that Bin Laden wasn’t there, but it is not his fold, after all, he didn’t know that Osama was there. When the Pakistani president faltered, the Americans triedto prop him up, but this only contribute to alienate the Pakistani people, and it tragically ended when Al Qaeda assassinate the prime minister of Pakistan.
But Al Qaeda also made some mistakes. Theyonly offered violence and death, denying to Muslims what they yearn for, like democracy and a just peace treaty for the Palestinians. And when they started to kill Muslims too, Al Qaeda has alienated“its own people”. Now, the death of Bin Laden and the revolutions sweeping Middle East provide to the US a chance to repair all its errors. Something like building accountable governments, not adictatorship. And the opposition in places like Syria and Yemen (where people are still fighting against the dictatorships) should be helped by US to restore law and order. Finally, the United Statesshould help at Israeli-Palestinian peace progress, because the risk of the Al Qaeda blow up this treaty - and others like the Egyptian- Israeli and Jordanian-Israeli – is bigger and growing up. And...
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