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It’s the last Day of October. Children put on costumes. Some of them like pirates and ghosts. Others try to look famous people: a president or a movie star. They carry a big paperbag and go to the homes of all their neighbors. At each house people give them candy or fruit. After an hour or two, the children come back home with their bags full of good things to eat.
Thesymbols of Halloween are witches and pumpkins. Witches wear black costumes and pumpkins are orange. These are the special colors of Halloween.
People make Halloween lanterns to set in thewindow. They make them from pumpkin shells. They cut holes for the eyes, month and nose. Then, they put a candle inside.
The favorite drink at Halloween time is apple juice. It’s also called cider.The boys and girls wear their costumes to go elementary school and the teachers give prizes to the students with the best costumes.
1) Answer in English according to the text:

a) When is theHalloween?

b) What do children wear in Halloween?___________________________________________________________________________

c) Where do children go in Halloween?___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

d) What do people give to the children in Halloween?

e) What are the symbols of the Halloween?___________________________________________________________

f) What does a Witch wear?___________________________________________________________________________

g) What is the color of the pumpkin?

h) What are the special colors of the Halloween?...
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