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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Dados Geográficos :

Gentílico: Guianês ou guianense
Capital : Georgetown
Língua oficial : Inglês.
*Línguasreconhecidas:crioulo guianense;português, hindi,espanhol.
*Línguas indígenas(caribes): akawaio,macuxi, wai-wai, arawak,warao, wapixiana,arekuna.
Área : 214 970 km² (81.º)
Moeda : Dólar guianense 
PIB : US$ 3,568bilhões 
IDH : 0,626
Nome Oficial: Cooperative Rep. of Guyana

Música Típica :
The music of Guyana is a mix of Indian, Spanish, African, European and Amerindian elements. Important American,Caribbean, Brazilian and other Latin musical styles are popular. 
Shanto ( )
Shanto is a form of Guyanese music, related to both calypso and mento. Itbecame a major part of early popular music through its use in Guyanese vaudeville shows; songs are topical and light-hearted, often accompanied by a guitar.
Calypso is especially popular in Guyana, which was imported from Trinidad. Calypso is satirical and lyrically-oriented, often played during celebrations like Mashramani, while chutney isplayed and performed at private events, usually with lyrics in English and/or Hindi.
Indian music arrived with immigrants from South Asia. This originally included folk music playedwith dhantal, tabla, sitar, harmonium and dholak, later including tassa drums. Music was mostly Hindu songs called bhajans, as well as filmi. The tan singingstyle is unique to the Indian community inGuyana and Suriname.
Popular Indo-Caribbean music began with the Surinamese star Ramdew Chaitoe in the late 1950s with his album, The Star Melodies of Ramdew Chaitoe, and accelerated with that...
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