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One of the major changes that occurred was that the country became the first ruled by a woman. For until then had only been ruled by men. The government Dilma brought many benefits for both theparents and the social economy. The government is matching the expectations that were almejadas during the campaign. In just one year we noticed the difference from the previous rules for Dilma. We cansee through the media that unemployment is decreasing, shows up firm in fighting corruption, and improving infrastructure also comes from parents with projects aimed at improving sanitation andhousing conditions of the population. Besides the continuity and enhance the good government projects calamari as family allowance, gas bag, handbag and goat housing projects providing better livingconditions to the population.
Dilma's government has been surprising many who thought that his administration would be a copy of the government squid, with the same ideology and the same way of managing.But Dilma has shown that personality to govern a country or perhaps much better than men. Making it one of the world's most powerful women.
Although the Dilma government has improved the situationof parents and kept its economy stable amid a crisis affecting major economies today. Despite all the improvements that are happening in their government, many problems remain such as public healththat still can not meet the needs of the population, violence remains a serious problem in the country. Education also needs to improve its quality.
Although this early in his administration of thegovernment that corresponding people's expectations. Although not yet solved many problems that existed before his administration, the country still has experienced a strike by federal employees, whowant better wages and trabalhos.podemos says the president has the capacity to solve the problems of our parents in a safe, strong and intelligent as has been seen in the beginning of his government.
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