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  • Publicado : 1 de maio de 2012
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Bernardo Leite
Is Greed Good to America?

Greed is typically considered a bad thing, a source of evil that causes people to steal, hoard, plunder, and treason, just to name a few sins.However, greed can be good, while other types of greed can be very bad.
I believe every kind of extremism silliness and nonsense. In today’s society you can’t be radical, you can’t see things onlyin one side. We live in a complete pluralistic world, with various ways of thinking and points of view. The same happens to greed. A little greed is good, it boosts you up, makes you want to be more,produce more, it drives us into a particular goal; a lot of greed is bad, it blinds us and makes us change directions that don’t lead to a greater good. I believe that if you want to succeed in life,you need to have a little bit of greed. Walt Disney wouldn’t have his empire if he wasn’t greedy; Bill Gates wouldn’t be the richest man in the world if he wasn’t greedy; Coca Cola wouldn’t be sold inevery corner of the world if its managers weren’t greedy. The real question that we should ask is how we deal with greed, if we can turn greed into something good, that will benefit a lot of people,or if we turn greed into something bad.
Greed is good, because it is the most important incentive for people to work hard, get a good education, start a business, or invest in a company. This makespeople productive and contributing members of society. And in return, people are paid a salary, become more educated, and build wealth so that they can in return live a prosperous, more comfortable, andfull life.
The movie has a very interesting and polemic discussion when it compares the benefits that Mother Teresa brought to society and the benefits a successful business man brought to oursociety, even though he had stolen a lot of money. I don’t share the same opinion as the philosopher, I don’t think the means justify the end, I don’t think that because he create jobs, generated...