Wall street

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  • Publicado : 23 de junho de 2012
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Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps

If you receive an amount of 1 million dollar’s probably you should be very satisfied and start to think what to do with it. Some normal people will thinkin they retirement, or a long vacation traveling around the world, but not for Jake Moore.
The stock change market could brings you a lot of money but something is really bad about that: Greed!Inserted into a stock exchange business, odds and taxes are important to evaluate your business but some variables aren’t just mere statistic numbers. Power and influence rules this world built in money,and when you have to much to apply you have to much to loose also. So for Jake Moore, an young and ambitious stock exchanger that is runs out of the rats race and now with 1 million dollars he wantsmore, but unfortunately he discovers the bad part of having money, loose it.
Jake meets Gordon Gecko a former stock trader and his future father in law that was in jail because of illegal business inthe past.

The movie portrays the exchange of values in parallel with the money loose.
Using the term “exchange” (like in stock exchange) the protagonist trajectory shows how people does anythingto achieve power. For some people just have money is not enough. Keep it needs power and that power can give you Greed.
As the story unfold Jake starts loosing his all money, and so he begins to“sell” something’s to rebuilt his life.
On the movie Jake says a phrase “What is your price?... Everyone have a top, a goal!” is responded by X that the game is his goal, is about the exchange of influenceand accumulate more power, something blinding without limits.
The paradox of the movie is the fact of everything he needs to do to get back his bankrupt business requires something more than just work.First is the peace on the job, trying to vengeance a friend ruined another people business by speculation; so he wants more influence to do more, and accepts any conditions to do it. At that...