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Correction of the test – Why learn languages?

A - Say whether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE and quote from the text to justify your choice.

1. TRUE – “you're never too old or too young tolearn a language!”
2. TRUE – “…it set the objective of all EU citizens being proficient in three European languages…”
3. FALSE – “These are all good reasons for learning a foreign language!”
4. TRUE– “Language learning can improve your career prospects. Learning a language can increase your self-confidence…”
5. TRUE – “…the more people who do this, the more we can break down the barriers thatdivide people.”

B - Reread the text (from line 1 to 13) and choose the best equivalent for the given words / expressions.
1. the legal right to belong to a country - citizenship
2. capacities -skills
3. advantages - benefits
4. goal - objective
5. native language – mother tongue

C - Complete the sentences according to the information given in the text.
1. Language learning can besomething that everyone can do throughout their lifetime. / a way to improve your career prospects.
2. We can understand other people’s culture better if we are able to speak their language.
3. Thebarriers that divide people will be broken down if more people learn foreign languages.

D - Answer the following questions about the text.
1. This text is about the benefits of learning aforeign language. It talks about personal benefits, future benefits towards your job and benefits to the world and how it helps to break down barriers.
2. I think it’s important to learn several languagesbecause if you do that you will be able to understand local people when you go on holiday or when you are in contact with foreign people. Learning a foreign language can also improve your careerprospects and increase your self-confidence.
3. "mother tongue"- the language you speak since you were born, the language of your country.
"second language" – another language you speak besides...
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