Event co-works

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  • Publicado : 14 de fevereiro de 2013
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Event co-workers
One day, my co-workers and I were just talking about what to do for the event at the end of the trimester and where we would celebrate the good resultsachieved by the group. We were four co-workes from different countries around the world: one Canadian, one Japanese, one Colombian and myself, a Brazilian. The difficulty was decidingwhat to do. We decided to have the event at a restaurant, but what kind of restaurant? What kind of food? We needed to make a decision. We decided to vote on it.
First, each onesaid what kind of food they liked to eat and discussed the characteristics of their choice. The Canadian quebecois spoke about "Poutine", a traditional dish made ​​with fries,cheese and gravy. The Japanese spoke about sushi, sashimi and sukiyaki, which are the most traditional dishes. Sushis is rice cakes seasoned, with fish, seafood, vegetables orfruit. Sashimi is raw fish or meat, and sukiyaki is a mixture of pasta, beef or sliced ​​chicken, egg and vegetables in a special sauce. The Colombian spoke about "Bandeja Paisa".The base of the dish is rice, beans, fried egg, avocado, sausage, and baked potato. And I spoke about the "feijoada", typical dish made with black beans, pork and yucca. Then wevoted and we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant.
Then by consensus we decided that I would be the person responsible for planning the event: choosing the Japanese restaurantto go to, setting the date, sending the invitations, and other pertinent details. In order to choose the location, I went to visit some restaurants. When I spoke with the chef ofthe restaurant I chose, he taught me how to make a recipe for sukiyaki.
I’m sure that I made the right cloise and that my co-workers will enjoy this restaurant as much as I do.
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