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The L4D HUD Rainmeter Desktop
Version 1.01 - by UltraBE

It's been a lot of work, but I'm happy I finally managed to finish this project. Now you can also make your desktop look like you'replaying a game of Left 4 Dead!

Note: it is possible that this skin might use quite some RAM memory, as it's a huge skin.
I advise not to use this on old systems or in combination with other complexRainmeter skins.

1. How to install

First of all, you need Rainmeter. I'm assuming that you already have it.
In case not, download it here:

Extract the folder 'L4DHUD' in the 'Skins'-folder of Rainmeter (look for it in your Documents, or in Rainmeter's installation folder).
Then, start Rainmeter, right-click the meter or the taskbar icon, and choose:
Configs >L4D HUD > L4D_HUD_Desktop.ini.

The HUD skin will appear on your desktop. It'll adapt itself to your screen resolution.
To start customizing the skin, click the link on the Welcome window.
The .INIconfiguration file will be opened (if Windows doesn't know which program to use to edit it, just choose Notepad.exe from your C:\Windows folder). Here you will be able to make the necessary changesto the skin. Just read the comments and change the variables.
You'll also be able to disable the Welcome window here.
Don't forget to save the config file and refresh or restart Rainmeter when you'redone!

If you want to, you may add your own custom quotes to the francishates.TXT file.
Use one line for each quote, and don't make the quotes too long!
Let me know if you have a good idea fornew quotes that should be added in the next version!

2. The wallpapers

Included with the L4D HUD Desktop are 10 L4D screenshots without HUD,
which go nicely with the skin. They're all 1680x1050JPEG's (widescreen).
If you're not using a widescreen monitor, you can set the wallpaper mode to 'centered',
to avoid the screenshots being squashed on monitors with an other aspect ratio.

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