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Composition about my first day school

Well, I do not remember very well but now I’m going to try to tell you how my first day school was.
It begins like this; mymother took me to unknown place, where there were a lot of children like me. At that moment I even know that where we were, was my first school, when she left me there I justbegin to cry.
About twice it happened, at the third day I began to make friends and I stopped to cry when she left me there.
The interesting thing is that I still rememberthe name of some friends and my first teacher’s name. It was very good to go to school that time because we did not study a lot like now, we used to play a lot and visitsome interesting places. Almost every day my mother use to take me to school, it was a very nice thing.
I remember that a friend of mine gave me a nice toy in my birthdayand it was very kind to receive that from him, we were at the class when it happened. My teacher and college made for me a surprise it was the best birthday that I never hadbefore.
There were a lot to eat and drink, all for young people and we all enjoyed that very much. After that we went to my home to give a piece of cake to all of myfriends and college, my teacher was there too.

Before I finish telling you about my first day at school I should like to comment about my friend Tommy, at that time he wasabout 7 years old but he knew to write and read, but I and all my college at that time faced some difficulty to read. Well we thought that he was a genius.

Well I thinkthat, it was almost a resume of what happened in my first day school, may be at the next time I will tell you a funny story about what happened in my second year at school.
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