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  • Publicado : 1 de março de 2013
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During the trip between São Bento Aveiro, last Wednesday, a young man entered the train station accompanied by a friend and his dog, when they wereadreesed by the reviewer to check their tickets. According to Marlene Melo, one of the passengers, the reviewer found that the animal was traveling without aticket , but the owner of the dog wanted to proceed immediately to the payment of the ticket, and claimed not to know that the animal needs a ticket to travel.Some passengers also wanted to take the initiative to pay the dog’s ticket . however , the reviewer did not accept the justification of the man and hestop the train and called the authorities. Passengers who traveled were outraged with the reviewer's procedure; they were chocked

When police arrived,theyidentified the young man and he continue to proceed to payment of the ticket. According to, Marlene Melo, the cops ' grabbed the boy and hit him real hard, and then they hit his friend as if it were 'assassins. A wave of outrage generated in train, with passengers screaming and insulting the police by theiract.

According to the statement from CP «the passengers concerned, apart from continuing to refuse payment of the ticket, declined even to identifythemselves before the authority, when it was asked. From this moment, the police authorities took account of the occurrence.

According to the agency Lusa, aspokesman of GNR, added that it was obliged to use force to remove the young people from the train, because they "insulted and assaulted the officers '-