Cultural synergy

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  • Publicado : 16 de abril de 2012
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Nowadays countries such as China, Brazil and Russia have an important role in the world economic scenario. It´s is possible to see each day more companies of those countries starting their businessin Europe, especially from China. Also, buying American or European companies is another way those countries can choose to get in those markets and get an instant credibility. In our study case that isexactly what happened.

In our particular case, it is of critical importance for the success of the entrepreneur to create cultural synergy. The organization must have an approach that considerscultural diversity a resource. Whereas some organizations view cultural diversity as a detriment or an obstacle, or ignore its existence completely, those embracing the synergistic style perceive it asan asset (Adler & Gunderson, 2008).

The organization must have an active role to create that cultural synergy. That means that it has to take some actions. Some of these actions are: mixed teams,mutual trainings, combined strategy development. As a positive result of these actions the organization should have a productive and healthy work environment, combining the strengths, concepts andskill of each culture. Also, that would result in a mutual understanding, respect, creativity and out of box thinking, improve global and locally adapted strategies and implementation.

Other thaninternal matter, it´s also important to be aware of market differences. Chinese people and Europeans are not the same. They don´t share the same way of thinking, tastes and social-economic data. In ourcase, there are some factors to consider when exporting cars to Europe. The Europeans are very concerned about safety issues, durability, comfort, eco-friendly cars. It´s also important to determinehow much an European would agree to pay in a Chinese car. Also important to have in mind are the cost to export and how to reach information such as taxes to pay. Geely could reach this information...
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