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Crashwas the Oscar winning film of 2005.The drama mainly delas with na uncomfortable subject racism.The plot shows many racial stereotyping situations (including intolerance),showing their consequences onthe people involved.We see all sides of racist situations,and how illogical most reactions tend to be.One of the most potent storylines includes Matt Dillon's character,Officer John Ryan.First ofall,he stops a black couple in a car.Then he blames them for many crimes which they did not commit and when the woman verbally confronts him,the officer orders a complete body search for guns.He makes theblack couple feel inferior to him.Later on in the film,we see that this experience results in a lot of tension between the couple.The woman accuses her husband of failing to defend her for fear ofauthority.The man defends himself saying that by not reacting to na act of racism,he was protecting both of them.This is a powerful scene and connects the viewer with emotive and controversialthemes.Allthe other sub-plots in the film link togerther as the viewer gradually understands each character .The linking point is a car crash (which names the film),but it is not the most importantant scene init. It is simply the moment for the viewer to see how similar all these Strong characters are.Because of this very complex view on racism,the film is very positive and desserves all the Oscar awardsthat it received in 2005

Acidente foi o Oscar de filme de drama de 2005 vencedor delas principalmente com o racismo de desconfortável assunto at.A trama mostra muitos raciais estereotipandosituações (incluindo intolerância), mostrando as suas consequências sobre as pessoas envolvidas.Vemos todos os lados das situações racistas, e como ilógico a maioria das reações tendem a ser.Dentre os...
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