Compensantion culture

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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2013
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Compensation Culture
Compensation culture describes a society in which it is acceptable for anyone who has suffered a personal injury to seek compensatorydamages through litigation from someone connected with the injury. This is a legal device by which individuals can receive some recompense, generallyfinancial, for a wrong perpetrated by a third party. The majority of compensation claims come as the result of a personal injury. Compensation claims can also bebrought for occupational illnesses or injuries, for illnesses suffered or injuries sustained in a place of work. Many claims are brought by employees who havesuffered an injury as a result of their employer's failure to provide adequate safety equipment. Another example is sexual harassment between boss and secretary.This is the some examples, exist much more cases at society. Besides, it’s very complicated because we do not know if people are really telling the truth, forthis, it's necessary good Judges and a good Justice System. In my country the System is really failed, has much to improve to reach the level of othercountries like Europe and USA. In many instances, there is no necessity for court action as a settlement can be reached by other means: direct negotiation, arbitrationand mediation. However this compensation claims are necessary in most cases, therefore do agree that some people claim to easily for things that they shouldnot do and I think solicitors should not always be so quick to take on these claims. Most claims are justified but there are still people that claim too easily.