Como se tornar um leed ga

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Como se tornar um LEED GA / LEED AP
Curso Preparatório

LEED Green Associate - Parte 1
Prof. Arq. Antonio Macêdo Filho, LEED GA Arq. Julho 2011

Programa do curso
1 - Introdução USGBC e GBCI O exame LEED Green Associate Eligibilidade para o exame Áreas de concentração e objetivos Terminologia técnica Materiais de estudo 2 - Conceitos Básicos: Conceitos de Construção Sustentável (GreenBuilding Basics) LEED e o processo de certificação Processo de Projeto Integrado 3 - Categorias do LEED: Espaços Sustentáveis (Sustainable Sites) Eficiência no uso da Água (Water Efficiency) Energia e Atmosfera (Energy & Atmosphere) Materiais e Recursos (Materials & Resources) Qualidade dos Ambientes Interiores (IEQ) Inovações em Processos (Innovation in Design) Prioridades Regionais (RegionalPriority) Sinergias entre estratégias 4 – Exercício: Exame simulado Avaliação e comentários


The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development and green building construction. With roughly 15,000 members, the USGBC brings together professionals from every sector of the building industry which includes the private sector aswell as state and federal agencies. The goal of the USGBC is to promote green building practices to make green buildings available to everyone. The USGBC offers courses and seminars on sustainable development and promotes the collective efforts of green building organizations by hosting conferences and meetings all across the country. The USGBC is best known for their Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design (LEED) program. This program provides a system of standards and ratings for environmentally sustainable building projects. The procedure that developers must go through is a completely transparent process in which points are given for different aspects of sustainability that are included in the project. This rating process all counts towards a building’s LEED certification. LEEDcertification has become the standard for green building projects and likely will be for years to come.

The Green Building Certification Institute was created by the U. S. GBC to administer certification programs related to green building practice to ensure that LEED Accreditation Professional Program continues to be developed in accordance to with best practices forcredentialing programs. Since April 2009 GBCI administers the LEED project registration and certification processes. Learn more: Building Certification LEED Professional Credentialling Exams



LEED Credentials
The first step is the LEED Green Associate. This credential covers the core concept and sustainability plus a basic understanding of the USGBC, GBCI and howbuildings are certified. This is also the Exam Part #1 of the LEED AP specialty exams and by itself, it is very beneficial for those seeking to show a general working knowledge of Leadership in Energy in Environmental Design and sustainable green building methods. For individuals who take and pass the LEED GA examination are allowed to use the LEED GA or LEED Green Associate designation andaccredited logo on your stationary, professional resume and your advertising. The second level is the LEED Accredited Professional with a specialty. You have the option of five separate exams that prove proficiency in the advanced knowledge of sustainable and green building methods in a specialty field such as Building Design & Construction, Interior Design & Construction, Green Building Operation &Maintenance, Homes or Neighborhood Development. You are only required to pass one of the specialty exams (in addition to the LEED Green Associate exam) to make use of the LEED Accredited Professional or LEED AP acronym as part of your title on your stationary, professional resume and your advertising. Some people have pursued multiple LEED AP specialties to prove proficiency to perspective employer...
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