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This information is intended for experienced users. Not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobile phone thieves. Please do not try any of the following methods if you are not familiar with thephone. We will not be liable for any use or misuse of this information, including data loss or hardware damage. So, there are risks in your own hands.
So, in this topic, you will get some hidden secretcode that can be used in the Google Android phone, access to things that are not accessible by default.
* # * # 4636 # * # *
This code can be used to obtain some interesting information about yourphone and the battery. This suggests the following four on-screen menu:
• Information Phone
• Battery information
• History of Batteries
• Usage Statistics
# # 7780 # # *
Thiscode can be used to reset data such as origin. This will delete the following things:
• Google account settings are stored in your phone
• System and application data and settings
•Applications that were Download
and will NOT be deleted:
• Current software systems and application packages
• Card SD files such as photos, music files, etc.
PS: After you provide this code,you get the screen prompt asking you to click on the button “Reset Phone”. So you get a chance to cancel your surgery.
* 2767 * 3855 #
Think before you give this code. This code is used for formattingthe original manufacturer. This will delete all files and settings, including internal memory storage. This will also reinstall the phone’s firmware.
NB: After you provide this code, there is no wayto cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone. So think twice before giving these codes.
* # * # 34971539 # * # *
This code is used to obtain information about camera phones.This suggests the following four menus:
• Update the firmware in the camera pictures (Do not try this option)
• Update the camera firmware in the SD card
• Get the camera firmware...
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