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A responsabilidade geral pela qualidade dos produtos é atribuição do Diretor Técnico, que controla diretamente a gerência das funções relativas a qualidade. O Diretor Técnico determina os caminhos a serem seguidas, com o apoio da equipe do laboratório, e funcionários de fábrica que estão empenhados no cumprimento dos objetivos da qualidade.
Os gerentes e demais funcionários com atividades queinfluem na qualidade do produto, são responsáveis pela plena execução de suas tarefas e possuem liberdade e autoridade para a prevenção e correção de não conformidades.

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The projected decline in employment reflects increasing productivity andorganizational restructuring.
Applicants with college degrees in industrial engineering, management, or business administration, and particularly those with an undergraduate engineering degree and a master’s degree in business administration, enjoy the best job prospects.

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Industrial production managers coordinate the resources and activities required to produce millions of goods every year in the United States. Although their duties vary from plant to plant, industrial production managers share many of the same major responsibilities. These include production scheduling, staffing, equipment, quality control, inventory control, and the coordination ofproduction activities with those of other departments.
The primary mission of industrial production managers is planning the production schedule within budgetary limitations and time constraints. This entails analyzing the plant’s personnel and capital resources to select the best way of meeting the production quota. Industrial production managers determine which machines will be used, whetherovertime or extra shifts are necessary, and the sequence of production. They also monitor the production run to make sure that it stays on schedule and correct any problems that may arise.
Industrial production managers must also monitor product standards. When quality drops below the established standard, they must determine why standards are not being maintained and how to improve the product. Ifthe problem is poor work, the manager may implement better training programs, reorganize the manufacturing process, or institute employee suggestion or involvement programs. If the cause is substandard materials, the manager works with the purchasing department to improve the quality of the product’s components.
Because the work of many departments is interrelated, managers work closely withheads of other departments such as sales, purchasing, and traffic to plan and implement company goals, policies, and procedures. For example, the production manager works with the purchasing department to ensure that plant inventories are maintained at their optimal level. This is vital to a firm’s operation because maintaining the inventory of materials necessary for production ties up the firm’sfinancial resources, yet insufficient quantities cause delays in production. A breakdown in communications between the production manager and the purchasing department can cause slowdowns and a failure to meet production schedules. Computers are important in this coordination, and also in providing up-to-date information on inventory, work-in-progress, and quality standards.
Production managersusually report to the plant manager or the vice president for manufacturing, and may act as liaison between executives and first-line supervisors. (Information about these workers can be found in the statements on general managers and top executives, and blue-collar worker supervisors, elsewhere in the Handbook). In many plants, one production manager is responsible for all aspects of production....
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