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Mac® OS X 10.2.8 through 10.3.8, Windows® 2000/XP

Adobe Photoshop CS2
® ®
What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS2
The professional standard in desktop digital imaging
Welcome to Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, breaking new ground as the benchmark of digital imaging excellence. This latest version of the digital imaging standard introduces new levels of power, precision and control, with an excitingcombination of revolutionary new features and next-generation enhancements. Photoshop CS2 software pushes the boundaries of digital photography, helps you turn your dreams into designs faster and more easily than ever before, and helps you organize and process images in a fraction of the time.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 includes:
About Photoshop CS2 Photoshop CS2 software leads the family of Adobe digitalimaging products, including Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 software. Photoshop CS2 is also part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a complete design solution that combines Adobe Illustrator® CS2, Adobe InDesign® CS2 and Version Cue® CS2 software, as well as Adobe GoLive® CS2 and Adobe Acrobat® 7.0 Professional software in the Premium Edition.

The Power to Create theExtraordinary
Adobe Bridge—The next-generation File Browser for Photoshop CS2. Vanishing Point—Groundbreaking ability to clone, paint and transform in the perspective of your images. Image Warp—Warp any object, with customizable presets and adjustable control points. Noise Reduction—Advanced correction of noise created in high-ISO shooting, plus JPEG artifact reduction. 32-bit HDR—Create and edit32-bit, High Dynamic Range images, for the widest range and richest detail. Spot Healing Brush—Fast, efficient one-click retouching of dust, scratches and other image flaws. One-Click Red Eye Correction—Instantly eradicate this common photo flaw. Optical Lens Correction—Correct common lens issues like barrel and pincushion distortion. Animation—Easily create animated Web graphics directly in PhotoshopCS2. Smart Sharpen—Intelligently counteract common photo blurring with advanced control. Shadow/Highlight—Simple discrete adjustment of shadows and highlights, now also for CMYK images. Enhanced 16-bit Editing—Additional filters, such as Liquify, are now available for use in 16-bit images.

Creation Acceleration
Smart Objects—Non-destructive editing and transformations, including Illustrator CS2integration. Multiple Layer Control with Smart Guides—Faster, more intuitive editing without using the Layers palette. Multi-Image Camera Raw—Process multiple raw images while you continue to work in Photoshop CS2. Video Preview—Send an instant preview of video-destined images to an external monitor. WYSIWYG Font menus—Preview typefaces visually, right in the Font menu. Printing Enhancements—Newoptions enable more efficient, consistent print output. All-New PDF Engine—Comprehensive, customizable presets and PDF 1.6/Acrobat 7.0 compatibility. Enhanced Memory Use—Devote more than 2 GB of RAM to Photoshop CS2 for optimum performance. Powerful Design Process Management—Easier versioning & collaboration with the new Adobe Version Cue®. Integrated Adobe Online Services—Access and downloadprofessional Adobe Stock Photos and share and print

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online with Adobe Photoshop Services.

Adaptability—Making Photoshop CS2 Your Own
Menu Customization—Workflow-based presets and custom-defined menu sets, with color-keyed commands. Enhanced Automation—Newactions and scripts facilitating batch image processing and film & video production. Variables—Streamline creation of repetitive graphics using imported spreadsheet data. Event-Based Scripting—Expand your efficiency with commands triggered at specific points in your workflow. Adobe Help Center—New task-based help topics and search features in a separate floating window.


The Power to Create the...