Case study on sarah kubitscheck hospital, fortaleza

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The Sarah Kubitscheck hospitals are run by a non-profit organization maintained by Federal investment. Specialized on neurorehabilitation, the main goal of the institution is toPROVIDE good and free health care. Technical research, professional training and development of prevention programs are also commitments made by the institution. This very much patient centered healthcare and absence of commercial relation with the patient are not only reflected in the medical conducts. Extensive RESEARCH on the treated diseases prepares the doctors and nurses to treat the patientsrespecting their needs and particularities. Prevention programs are developed based on the feedback given by the incoming patients. Also to PROMOTE the rights of disabled people is anothercharacteristic that shows the true commitment with health and the benefits this institution can bring to SOCIETY. Sarah’s hospitals are organized according a PROGRESSIVE CARE system. This system is characterizedby placing the patient in locations of greater or lesser concentration of human and material resources. In the First stage patients who require more intensive care can be closely watched by doctorsand even be placed in single rooms. The rehabilitation begins in the Second stage where wide open areas give space and tools for both conventional and alternative methods, according to each patientparticularities. In the Third stage the patients start their social rehabilitation, returning home, going back to school or work, what also brings great improvement by including daily activities and nonprogrammed exercises.

2001 Sarah Kubitscheck Hospital Fortaleza João Filgueiras Lima (Lelé)
Fortaleza, Ceará - Brazil
“Create a health care center that treats the patient not merely as the objectupon which techniques are applied, but rather, as the agent of that action.” about training: “... one cannot simplify what one does not understand.” “... stimulating the creativity of persons and...
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