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Mission Statement of the company
Creation: 1949
Origin: German
Founder: Adi Dassler
CEO: Herbert Hainer
Herbert Hainer, CEO

Number of Employees: 42, 541
52% Male 48% Female
Mission: “The adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting
goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting

Adidas team

Ana Carolina Castilho

Nathalia Rangel da Cunha
Creative Director

Tessa Gillette
Research and Development

Creative Advertising Plans & Strategy

Specify Key Fact:
Adidas has a high quality image, but still needs to improve their brand
awareness and loyalty in USA. The American consumer still doesn't think “adidas”
when they think about sportswear because of strong competition. In theother
hand, adidas has a good brand recognition, because of its logo and the three
stripes that helps the consumer to know that it is an Adidas product.
“I really like Adidas, I love the products but it`s not like Nike. Not everyone know their
whole line or see it as them see Nike.” Hannah Thomas

Creative Advertising Plans & Strategy
State Primary Market Problem:
adidas search with this adcampaign to improve the brand image and
show that they are a socially responsible company.
The campaign will enable consumer to make positive associations and will
also improve their competitive position. In addition, it is an opportunity to
expand their share of the American market and give awareness for their
high quality products to exceed costumer expectations.

State CommunicationsObjective
The campaign informs the customers about a different side of
adidas, a Fashion side.
The campaigns also presents a limited edition of products.
The advertisings appeal to symbolic needs fulfilling the
customers` desire to have an adidas limited edition product and to be
part of the “cool” adidas clientele.

State Communications Objective
Primary demand
Thecampaign promotes the limited edition of bags and Tee-shirts.
Tools of persuasion
Liking: using celebrities on the ads adidas utilize the Liking Tool, because the
customers that like these singers will want to have these limited products.
Authority : adidas chose Lady GAGA and Justin Timberlake to endorse this
campaign because they are both familiar with the reality of the cause that is beingpromoted.

State Communications Objective
The association between adidas and the Fashion Sportwear market is a
way to remind the customers the variety of products they brand offers.
The connection between adidas and pop celebrities shows that it is a
trendy brand.
This campaign will promote the brand website facilitating the customers`
access to the unlimited products.

StateCommunications Objective
Add Value:
To adidas:
Support a social cause will create Positive Associations to the brand
The partnership with celebrities icons can improve the Brand Image

To the consumer perceptions:
Highlight bullying as an issue to be discussed and change behaviors
Apply the sports` philosophy to combat the bullying having a wellknown brand as sponsor.

ImplementCreative Message Strategy
Define Target Market:
Demographic: -Gender: Male and female
-Age: 15/35
-Income level: >Rs 15,000
-Social class: Upper middle, lower upper class
-Zone: Urban and semi-urban cities: NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles

-Gym regulars
-image seekers
-Brand freaks

Psychographic: -Experiencers and Achievers
Young impulsive and Avid consumers, fond ofsports,
outdoor recreation. Spend most of income in fashion.
Many wants and needs, image oriented, prefer prestige
products that demonstrate success


Implement Creative Message Strategy
Identify Competition:

Implement Creative Message Strategy
Choose Promise:
The campaign “Embrace the different ” is focused on the combat of bullying between
We chose Lady Gaga and...